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How Often Should You Change Lawn Mower Oil

Investing in a lawnmower is smart, but regular maintenance will help keep your mower in good shape in years to come. You need to check the manual as different lawn mowers may specify the duration to change the oil. But a general rule for most lawn mowers demands you to change the oil after 20-50 hours of use.

It’s crucial to know the basics of changing your mower’s oil. This way, you will help keep the machine operational. Let’s take a look at how often you should change your lawn mower oil.

When to Change Your Lawn mower’s Oil

If you’re wondering when to replace your lawnmower oil, keep in mind the following.

  • Hour Meter: Maintain an oil change plan that corresponds to the hour meter on your lawnmower.
  • Estimate: Estimate the usage and change your lawn mower oil after 50 hours of use. 
  • Dipstick: Check the oil level and wipe it on a white paper rag. If it seems dirty, you may need fresh oil.
  • Annually: It’s recommended to change your oil once per year. This way, you usher in the new season with fresh oil.

How To Maintain Your Lawnmower

It’s best not to neglect your lawn mower to prevent incurring replacement costs. However, you don’t have to watch your lawn mower breaking down to call for repair. You can do the following to keep your mower running and in good condition.

  • Go through the manual carefully to understand how to operate your lawnmower and prevent unanticipated inconveniences correctly.
  • At the end of the mowing season, ensure your drain your oil and use a new amount in the next season. Never add fresh oil to old gasoline, as it will mess up your machine.
  • Remove grass clippings and other debris from the underside of your lawnmower regularly to prevent clogging and breakdowns.
  • Check your lawnmower’s air filters and spark plugs from time to time, as clogged parts may not burn fuel effectively. The best preventive measure is to replace air filters and spark plugs annually.
  • Hire a lawnmower pro to sharpen the blades. Dull blades mess with your yard as trimming is uneven and unattractive.
  • Maintain regular maintenance from lawnmower pros who will run thorough diagnostic tests and keep your machine in good shape.
A man pours oil on his lawn mower

How To Change Lawn Mower Oil

Changing the oil in your lawnmower is a simple task. Once you grasp the basics, you will be surprised at how quickly you can do this task. To replace the oil effectively, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Getting Started

Before you remove old oil from your mower, do the following.

  • Start the engine for a bit to heat it. It will help the oil flow quickly, which will accelerate the process of replacing it.
  • With a clean rag, wipe the area around the fuel fill. If you have a special air compressor, you can still clean with it. Get a container to collect the old oil from your lawnmower.

Step 2: Draining the Oil

Some lawnmowers contain a drain plug, and others don’t. If yours has one, remove it and drain the oil. But if your model lacks this plug, carefully tip the mower on one side and empty the oil via the filling slot. Then, ensure you follow the below steps.

  • To remove the cap, start by eliminating the rubber oil fill cap.
  • Tilt the mower slightly and allow the oil to drip into the container or pan fully.

Step 3: Replace the Oil Filter

Start by identifying your lawnmower’s oil filter. To replace the oil filter, turn it counterclockwise.

  • Assess the oil filter seal for debris and scrape it off.
  • Lubricate the clean sealant gasket with new lubricating oil to seem clean. 
  • Place the fresh oil filter into the filter socket and bolt it back into alignment by hand once clean and well-lubricated. Use a screwdriver to tighten the filter.

Step 4: Refill the Oil

This is the last step.

  • Pour the necessary oil into the slot where the oil fill plug lies without overfilling. 
  • Replace the oil fill plug or dipstick once you pour the fresh oil into your mower’s engine.  
  • Before re-inserting the dipstick into the shaft, wipe it clean. 
  • Lastly, remove the dipstick to confirm that the oil level is appropriate.


Overlooking the need to change your lawn mower oil regularly is a huge mistake. Lawn care demands proper maintenance, which aids in protecting your lawn investment for years to come. Once you understand the steps, you can easily replace old oil with fresh oil. Lastly, ensure you invest in the correct type of oil for best performance and efficiency.

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