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Here’s How To Know What Lawn Care Services You Need

According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 74 percent of Americans with lawns state they know how to care for them. According to the NALP’s research, 68 percent of Americans feel comfortable with their lawn care knowledge.

However, findings show the reality is very different. Most Americans don’t possess sufficient knowledge about lawn care. The National Association of Landscape Professionals quizzed American homeowners about lawn care and found many startling revelations. For instance, 64 percent falsely believed that grass needs fertilization in spring. Likewise, another 57 percent believed that if their lawn wasn’t green, then it wasn’t healthy. In addition, one-third admitted they weren’t sure how often they should water their lawn.

These findings showcase a common problem – many Americans believe lawn care is straightforward. But the reality is extremely different. Lawn care is easier said than done. Lawn care doesn’t only require significant time devotion, but it also necessitates significant knowledge of lawn care techniques, methods, and tools.

Most homeowners generally opt for the former because it provides convenience and comfort. Hiring a professional lawn care service provider ensures you have a healthy lawn with little effort at a cost.

If you’re hiring a lawn care service provider or taking matters into your own hands, you’ll need a starting point. You probably don’t have sufficient knowledge about what your lawn needs. As a result, you’ll want to know about the various lawn care categories before starting.

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Services Encompassing Lawn Care

Lawn care is more than mowing or watering your grass. It includes numerous other things that you must do to make your lawn look vibrant and healthy, including:


Landscaping is an essential part of lawn care. You can’t expect your lawn to look good without landscaping. It refers to cleaning your lawn and ensuring it looks appealing. Landscaping involves everything from installing mulch to planting ornamental grasses.


Lawn maintenance involves mowing, raking, aerating, fertilizing, etc. It also includes laying grass seed and sod.


Regularly mowing your lawn is crucial because it keeps the lawn neatly trimmed. In addition, it keeps your lawn healthy.


Watering your lawn frequently is essential for keeping it healthy. Dry lawns due to poor irrigation result in patches of dead grass. You’ll want to ensure you irrigate your lawn properly to prevent it from drying.


Fertilizers play an essential role in lawn care. The right fertilizer can help your grass grow because it improves the soil. As a result, using the right fertilizer will pay dividends, leading to a beautiful lawn.


Lawns often develop bare spots. Installing the right type of grass seeds can help fill in the patches.


Aeration creates tiny holes within your lawn’s soil, allowing roots to absorb more nutrients and water. Aeration is necessary if your lawn needs more water, oxygen, or nutrition.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Many homeowners often like to plant flowerbeds, shrubbery, and ornamental trees. Doing so adds some life and color to it. Overgrown shrubs and trees aren’t only unhealthy, but they’re also dangerous. Branches can fall. Hence, maintaining trees and shrubs is critical. Generally, mulching is an excellent way to maintain your shrubbery and flowerbeds. However, mulching is best left to professionals as more often than not, it is a more complex task that it appears to be!

Weed Control

You’ll also want to control weeds to ensure your grass grows healthier and looks lusher. You can use organic methods to control weed growth. Alternatively, you can also use traditional herbicides to kill weeds, preventing them from smothering your grass.

Pest Control

It’s not uncommon for pests like mosquitoes, grubs, and other uninvited guests to invade your lawn, killing the grass, vegetables, flowers, and even shrubs. Pest control is essential in preventing them from damaging your beautiful lawn.

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How to Know Which Lawn Care Services You Need?

Knowing which lawn care services you need can often be challenging. You’ll have to consider various things before determining the services required, including the following:

Your Contribution

Some homeowners often like to work actively on their lawns because they enjoy it. You might want to hire a professional lawn care service provider to handle challenging tasks like fertilizing, mulching, reseeding, etc. Meanwhile, you could still contribute to your lawn by mowing and watering it.

Material Resources

You cannot adequately care for your lawn without the proper tools and equipment. You’ll want to outsource most, if not all, of the lawn care work to a professional if you don’t have the necessary equipment. Alternatively, you can invest in the right material resources. However, doing so will cost you significantly.

Knowledge and Expertise

Research shows that a third of Americans don’t even know when to water their lawn. The services needed will vary based on your knowledge, expertise, and willingness to learn. For instance, you’ll want to get a full lawn care service plan from a lawn care service provider if you don’t know anything about lawn care. You could gradually reduce the services as you learn more about lawn care if you’re interested in it.

Lawn Condition

Your lawn’s condition will also dramatically affect the services required. An unhealthy lawn on the verge of death will require more comprehensive services than a properly maintained one. Many lawn care service providers will offer an initial renovation program in such cases.

Consider your lawn’s condition before seeking lawn care service providers.

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