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Electric vs Gas Lawn Mower Standoff: All Things To Consider

If you’re considering investing in a lawn mower, you have a lot to consider. The good thing is that technology has made it possible for better and advanced lawn mower options for you. You don’t just have to choose a gas lawn mower, but electric and battery-powered mowers are great alternatives.

Electric mowers are not new in the market, but some folks see them as ineffective. It could probably be due to the size of their yard and the fact that electric mowers may not be sufficient for them. But let’s explore and learn more about electric and gas lawn mowers to help you make informed choices that are best suited to your needs and preferences for your yard.

Electric vs Gas Lawn Mowers

For a better understanding, let’s look at the types of lawn mowers. Each has pros and cons and may work effectively depending on several factors.

  • Gas Lawn Mowers
  • Corded Electric Lawn Mowers
  • Battery Powered Electric Lawn Mowers

Gas Lawn Mowers

Gas lawn mowers use gasoline to operate and are quite popular. Below are the pros and downsides of this type of mower.


  • They are suitable for large lawns – If your lawn is large, it’s best to go for a gas lawn mower. All you need is fuel and you will get the work done efficiently. You are not restricted to the electric cord with gas mowers.
  • Gas mowers are suitable for long grass – If your lawn has tall grass, gas mowers are perfect for the job.
  • Durable and suitable for extended operation time – Gas mowers have a great deal of power and are made of steel, making them durable.
  • Use low-cost fuel – Gasoline is quite affordable and standardized.


  • High maintenance – You need to change oil filters, spark plugs, and air filters regularly to keep the engine in good working condition.
  • Heavy – Gas mowers are heavy and can stress you, especially in an incline position. Some can even weigh over 90 pounds.
  • Noisy – Gas mowers are challenging to start, emit lots of noise, and are environmentally unfriendly due to the emission of hydrocarbon gases.

Gas Lawn Mowers – Pros & Cons Summary

Gas Lawn Mowers Pros

  • Suitable for large lawns
  • Suitable for long grass
  • Durable and suitable for extended operation time
  • Use low-cost fuel

Gas Lawn Mowers Cons

  • High maintenance
  • Heavy
  • Noisy

Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric mowers are quick, effective, and easier to operate. You can either go for corded or cable less (battery-powered) types. Corded mowers need a power source, but what are the pros and cons of these types?


  • Lightweight – Unlike gas mowers, corded mowers are lightweight so you won’t stress pushing them around.
  • Low maintenance – You don’t have to change the air filters, pull cords, or even use spark plugs.
  • Simple to start and have unlimited run-time – Once you’ve plugged the cord into a power source, you can quickly start the mower.


  • Lack of mobility – You require a cable to operate.
  • Hard to maneuver – You are restricted from moving around due to the electric cord.
  • Not safe in wet conditions – Mowing wet grass may give you an electric shock.

Corded Electric Lawn Mowers – Pros & Cons Summary

Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple to start and have unlimited run-time

Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Cons

  • Lack of mobility
  • Hard to maneuver
  • Not safe in wet conditions

Battery Powered Electric Lawn Mowers

This type of mower is now trending as they give you the option of cordless mobility. Below are some of the cons and pros of battery-powered mowers.


  • They have no cables (high mobility) – Once you have a charged battery, you can start mowing. You can move around as they have no cable restriction.
  • Environmentally friendly–  They produce minimal noise and don’t emit toxic gases to the environment like gas lawn mowers.
  • Lightweight and smaller sizes – you don’t need to stress your muscles when operating a battery-powered mower as they are lightweight. In addition, there are smaller sizes that make storage better compared to other types of mowers.


  • Unsafe for wet grass –  Like corded electric mowers, battery-powered ones may shock you when operating on wet grass.
  • Low run time – You need to have an extra charged battery to operate longer; otherwise, it may influence your work process.
  • Battery replacement cost – You have to buy new batteries after 2-3 years.

Battery Powered Electric Lawn Mowers – Pros & Cons Summary

Battery Powered Electric Lawn Mowers Pros

  • They have no cables (high mobility)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lightweight and smaller sizes

Battery Powered Electric Lawn Mowers Cons

  • Unsafe for wet grass
  • Low run time
  • Battery replacement cost
man putting battery into electric cordless lawn mower

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Lawn Mower

A good lawn mower will keep your yard well maintained and beautiful. Now that you understand the pros and cons of electric and gas lawn mowers, you must consider the below factors to invest in the ideal mower.

Yard Size

The size of your yard is crucial. Some can be flat and slopey, which will affect the type of mower to work on. Considering the weight, gas mowers may be messy on hilly yards as you need to push through.

Corded electric mowers restrict your movement due to the power connection distance. You cannot work in a large yard with corded electric mowers.

Power Source

Different mowers are powered differently, and it’s best to know what will work best for you. This way, you can prepare and budget for the expense. Gas mowers use gasoline which is affordable and electric mowers need electricity to work, which may increase your energy cost.

Also, gas mowers have high noise pollution, which may work differently with people and neighbors around you.

Safety and Usage

Various lawn mowers contain different features and depend on what you require the most. Today’s lawn models outperform the traditional types in terms of ease of use and safety. With modern technology, there are robotic mowers to do all the work for you.

Price & Warranty

The price of lawn mowers differs, and depending on your budget, you will invest differently. Different mowers differ in features and efficiency. Once you go through the warranty period, specifications and features, you can make better decisions.

The good thing is you can always upgrade when you are financially capable. But whatever lawn mower you choose, ensure you do a demo before investing.


You have a lot to consider before investing in a lawn mower. Deciding between gas vs electric mowers will depend on your yard demands and even the type of grass you are working with.

There’s no such thing as a wrong or right choice. You may want to consider the above factors before selecting the ideal lawn mower. This way, you won’t have regrets and you can maintain your yard to perfection with ease!

In case you want some more information about the subject, here are links to two handy resources: One talks about electric powered lawn mowers, and the other one about gas powered.

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