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Common Characteristics of a Perfectly Landscaped Lawn

Have you ever walked past a gorgeous lawn? Chances are a great deal of time and effort was spent to landscape it! Landscaping is one of the most important ways to boost a property’s curb appeal. It’s especially popular among young homeowners who desire lawns that are both functional and aesthetically appealing. It’s no wonder the landscaping industry is worth over $105 billion!

If you’re curious to learn what characteristics perfectly landscaped lawns have in common, you’re in the right place! Here are six of the most common characteristics of a perfectly landscaped lawn.

Grass Cut to the Right Length

Grass with a layer of dew on top

Did you know it’s possible to cut your grass too short? Experts recommend removing no more than the top third of your lawn’s grass and only trimming it when it’s a little less than 4 inches. If you trim your grass shorter than this length, the roots will weaken, and eventually, your lawn will be covered in dead patches!

Each species of grass has a different ideal maintenance length. For instance, grass in the Midwest is best kept at 3 inches or higher, while places like Florida require a bigger trim. Therefore, it’s worth researching what type of grass is on your lawn before you trim it to ensure it looks perfect.

No Dead Vegetation

Dead brown leaves

If you asked the average joe what landscaping is all about, chances are they’d mention trimming and maintaining the plants in a property’s outdoor spaces. But what about picking up dead vegetation such as broken twigs and brown leaves?

Picking up dead vegetation is one of the most overlooked tasks to maximize a lawn’s aesthetic appeal. Dead vegetation sticks out like a sore thumb—especially if the rest of a lawn is landscaped! Therefore, it’s crucial to remove it as often as possible if you want your lawn to look perfectly landscaped.

State of the Art Irrigation Systems

Water being sprayed out of a sprinkler

Have you noticed that perfectly landscaped lawns typically feature a state-of-the-art irrigation system? Sprinkler systems are the most common irrigation systems used to upkeep landscaped lawns. They operate on timers and pump out the exact amount of water required to ensure the lawn grass stays healthy.

Some of the best sprinkler systems automatically adjust the amount of water sprayed onto the lawn based on the average outdoor temperature. If it’s hotter than usual, they’ll spray a larger volume of water to cover a bigger radius and stay on for longer. This ensures the lawn gets the perfect amount of water and keeps the grass as healthy as possible!

Plants & Flowers That Suit the Local Climate

Various species of flowers

Do you know what a deciduous plant is? It’s a plant that sheds its leaves when it doesn’t get enough water to prevent moisture from escaping through evaporation. In other words, deciduous plants are capable of surviving in hot places like Florida because they can adapt to seasonal changes!

Deciduous plants don’t require much maintenance because they adapt to the local climate. Therefore, lawns in places like Florida are more likely to look perfectly landscaped if they contain deciduous plants. We recommend researching what types of flowers and plants grow well in the local climate so you can create an aesthetically pleasing lawn that doesn’t require much maintenance.

Pest Control

A caterpillar on a leaf

Imagine walking into a lawn and seeing plants with leaves full of holes. It’d be a sight for sore eyes! Unfortunately, that’s what happens if you don’t invest in adequate pest control. In other words, your lawn will never look perfectly landscaped if it’s full of pests.

Unfortunately, some pesticides make landscaping difficult because they contaminate the soil. Therefore, we recommend investing in pesticides that are sustainable and won’t harm your plants. If you want to go the extra mile, consider making your own sustainable pesticides using ingredients like onions, garlic, mint, or wood ash!

Complementary Hardscaping

A stone path next to flowers in a garden

Picture this. You walk by a house with a perfectly manicured lawn and a fantastic irrigation system. Now imagine walking by another house with the same irrigation system and lawn that requires a slight trim. However, the second house boasts a paver driveway, a fountain, and a gorgeous stone entranceway to complement the lawn. Which one would you pick?

If you’ve chosen the second option, we don’t blame you! Houses that feature both landscaping and hardscaping provide a more complete aesthetic than houses with great lawns but no hardscaping. In other words, one of the secrets to a perfectly landscaped house is complementary hardscaping!

Unfortunately, if you overdo hardscaping, your lawn won’t look good no matter how much landscaping you’ve done. If there are too many hardscaping features, people won’t pay attention to the landscape and might find the outdoor spaces cluttered. Therefore, it’s worth asking yourself whether the hardscaping you want to invest in will complement or detract from your landscaping.

Now that you know some of the main characteristics of a perfectly landscaped lawn, it’s time to check out Fred’s Home and Garden!

Keen to put on your gardening gloves and head out to start revamping your lawn? Contact us before you do and we’ll give you as much information as possible to help you find the best lawn mowers under $300!

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