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Best Gas Push Lawn Mower

Having a freshly cut lawn can go a long way to creating curb appeal for one’s home. To do this, many opt to maintain their lawns themselves. That means you want to invest in one of the best gas push lawn mowers in town. There are many different models, and one of those choices under consideration may be a gas-powered push lawn mower.

Below, we’re going to look at some of the top gas powered lawn mower models in the market today to help those out there looking for a high-quality lawn mower for their home maintenance needs. So just keep reading to see which option is best for you.

Push Lawn Mower Reviews

PowerSmart 21″ Lawn mower 

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The first push lawn mower is a gas-powered option from a well-known company. Crafted with many excellent components and features, this unit is perfect for those with small to medium-sized lawns.


This unit is a gas-powered option crafted with alloy steel and has a cutting width of 21″. The unit is built with a 170CC four-stroke engine and five adjustable cutting heights. These cutting heights range from 1.8″ to 23.0″. Along with this, it is crafted with a three-in-one cutting deck. Finishing out the features is a recoil start and an easily controllable engine start/stop control bar.

All of the features included in the design are crafted to help with versatility and maneuverability. Starting from the three cutting deck settings, which allow for improved usability, to the 21-inch cutting deck, which gives a tight fit and easy movement around corners, this unit is an excellent choice for many people. Also, the materials are lightweight, which helps with mobility even more.

Starting from the quick and easy assembly all the way to the fact it is outfitted with a large grass catcher, not only is this a maneuverable and versatile unit, but it also helps with better time management. But maybe the best thing about this lawn mower is that it has five different height settings so that one can customize their lawn to the height that works for them.

Even with all those fantastic features, though, a few things need to be looked at before one makes their final decision. If the person looking to invest in this lawn mower has a larger and thicker lawn, this is not a great option. The engine is not strong enough to handle super thick lawns, and because of the size, it has issues with large lawns.

Product Pros

  • Designed with three settings for more versatile usability.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Outfitted with a large grass catcher, which gives it better time management.
  • Lightweight materials used for more effortless mobility.
  • Multiple mow height settings for increased versatility.

Product Cons

  • Not a great option for people with more extensive lawns
  • Engine may not have enough power to handle thicker lawns

Craftsman Gas Powered Lawn Mower 

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Craftsman is one of those names that is synonymous with tools and appliances that many people rely on. This unit is a Craftsman model outfitted with a high-quality engine and multiple features that make it stand out amongst the crowd.


This Craftsman model is a gas-powered option that has a 21″, two-in-one cutting style that affords the user six different cutting positions. These cutting heights range from 1.25″ to 3.75″. The wheels that are attached to the unit in the front are 7″ and in the rear 11″ which help with the ability to move on any terrain. The engine that runs this is a 140CC Craftsman engine that is outfitted with a primer and allows for a two-in-one cutting disbursement.

So much about this unit has wonderful connotations to create a high-performance product. The two-in-one discharge capability allows for a better-customized experience with the high-quality engine, giving this lawn mower a high level of performance. The engine itself is a Craftsman model, and it is finished with high-quality, sharp blades that allow for a super clean and efficient cut.

The lawn mower is easy to assemble straight from the box, making it a perfect option for those who need to get out there and trim their lawn. All of these factors, when featured together, make for a high level of value, making it an excellent investment for just about anybody.

That being said, there are still a few issues that need to be looked at. For those with a more extensive lawn, the size of the bag may be a problem. Along with that, the use of heavier materials in the core construction makes it a heavier model. That means that it will take more effort to push than some of the lighter models on the market.

Product Pros

  • Crafted with a three-in-one discharge capability for a more customized experience.
  • Engine and blades make for an efficient and clean cut.
  • Designed with an auto choke feature for an easier start-up.
  • Price versus value is outstanding compared to competitors.
  • Unit takes no time to put together and get started using.

Product Cons

  • Some find the grass bag to be a bit on the small side.
  • Utilizes heavier materials, so may be a struggle for some to push easily.

Black+Decker Push Lawn Mower 

Black+Decker is a very well-known company that has an excellent reputation. This 21″ gas-powered push lawn mower is outfitted with a high-quality engine and several other features that make it an excellent investment.


This lawn mower is a gas-powered unit outfitted with a 140CC OHV engine and a cutting width of 21″. Designed with a dual lever height adjuster with six different settings, this lawn mower gives a person a three-in-one cutting deck and high-quality, durable tires for easy maneuverability and handling of multiple different terrains.

Much like many of their products, this lawn mower comprises high-quality components. To begin with, the 140CC gas engine gives the lawn mower plenty of power to handle many different types of lawns and terrains. Along with this, the six different heights settings give anyone the ability to have a more efficient and precise cut depending on their lawn and preferences.

The front-wheel-drive of the unit also allows for better maneuverability and the ability to handle smaller turns. All of this is contained within a 21-inch cutting deck which gives a broad cutting capability and better maneuverability. The three-in-one option to choose between side discharge, mulch, or bag also allows the user to choose how they want their lawn to be treated.

Even though there are a lot of great components utilized in this lawn mower, the engine still requires quite a bit of maintenance. Unlike some other models where maintenance, though important, is not necessary, one will have to be up to speed on all maintenance with this lawn mower. On top of this, there is no ignition assistance which may be troubling for some.

Product Pros

  • Utilizes a 140CC gas engine for a better level of power.
  • Designed with six different height settings for a more efficient and precise cut.
  • Unit is outfitted with front-wheel-drive for increased maneuverability.
  • Crafted with a 21-inch cutting deck which gives a broader cutting capability.
  • Able to side discharge, mulch, or bag for a customized experience.

Product Cons

  • Some find the grass bag to be a bit on the small side.
  • Utilizes heavier materials, so may be a struggle for some to push easily.

Yard Machines Gas Lawn Mower 

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This unit’s smaller engine and design allow for a good fit for those with a small to medium-sized yard. Crafted with a high-quality design, this is a suitable investment for anyone who wants to take advantage of all the fantastic benefits afforded by choosing this model.


This gas lawn mower has a complete metal design that is outfitted with a 20″ cutting deck and three different positions. It is a manually operated unit that is outfitted with a 132CC gas engine. Furthermore, the 7×7 inch wheels are lightweight and easy to maneuver over a wide range of different terrains. The unit is also designed with three different cutting height positions so that the user can cut their lawn the way they choose.

Though it may not be the most powerful engine, it is powerful enough to handle almost anything. The high-quality 132CC engine that is outfitted in this lawn mower gives it enough power to handle long and thick grass as well as weeds, but it also keeps the mower quiet. So for those living in areas where one has to maintain their lawn but don’t want to disturb one’s neighbors, this is perfect.

It also has a metallic eye that holds the starter cable, so it doesn’t return to its housing, which can make starting difficult. All that, coupled with high-quality, lightweight materials, gives the user an agile lawn mower that can stand up to just about anything. Plus, the overall design is straightforward, making it a good option for those unfamiliar with using lawn mowers.

Of course, though it is easy to use once it is put together, there are some challenges when it comes to assembly. Many feel that the assembly is complicated and can take quite a bit longer than other models. Another issue is the ease of adjustment regarding the cutting height. Some find it quite challenging because of the learning curve.

Product Pros

  • Engine is powerful enough to handle long grass, thick grass as well as weeds.
  • Designed with a metallic eye to help hold the starter cable.
  • High-quality lightweight material makes an agile lawn mower.
  • Smaller engine means less noise.
  • Simple design makes it user-friendly.

Product Cons

  • Some find the assembly to be challenging and time-consuming.
  • Issues with the ease of adjusting the cutting height.

Honda HRX217K5VKA Lawn Mower 

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The designers at Honda have crafted a lawn mower with many great systems and features that are unlike other models. Utilizing unique features like the Versamow system and the micro-cut blades makes this an excellent way to spend one’s hard-earned money.


Designed utilizing a NeXite material for its core body, this unit is outfitted with a 21″ cutting width. The unit is powered by a 187CC gas Honda engine and outfitted with a four-in-one Versamow system. Coupled with that, the unit is outfitted with a clip director and micro-cut blades for an even more precise and efficient cutting capability.

So much about this model from Honda is ideal. From the high-powered 187 CC engine to the twin blade system used for mulching, everything is designed to create a high-performance lawn mower that can handle just about anything one throws at it. Having the ability to have multiple different cutting heights is also excellent so that the user can determine how they want their lawn to look regarding their own preference.

The entire design is made for ease and comfort, including the ability to start. Designed with an easy start system, the unit revs up immediately and is ready to go. All of that is wrapped in a durable and long-lasting material, extending the life of the mower, and thus increasing this unit’s value compared to others.

Because of all the heightened performance systems and the use of a powerful engine, the price tag is, of course, going to be affected. That’s why many people feel that this unit does fall a bit on the pricier side. Also, because the engine is larger and heavier, the mobility is decreased slightly compared to other models.

Product Pros

  • Crafted with a high powered 187CC engine for more power.
  • Designed with a wide range of cutting heights for optimal performance.
  • Built with a twin blade system and four different cutting surfaces for a heightened level of mulching capability.
  • Unit is crafted with the ability to start easily.
  • Durable and long-lasting materials for an extended use.

Product Cons

  • Some find this lawn mower to be a bit on the pricey side.
  • Engine is large and heavy, which will reduce the mobility.

Final Thoughts

Each of the models above has its own unique capabilities for cutting one’s lawn. There is a wealth of different options, and we are sure one of them will meet the needs of the individual looking for a high-quality lawn mower.

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