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Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers: Top Picks

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To find the perfect lawn mower as a homeowner is not as easy as you would think it to be. That is why we helped save you time and effort searching for the best corded electric lawn mowers around.

Here, we’ve made a list of corded electric lawn mowers reviews to make your landscaping job much easier. So, keep on reading to see what these best corded electric lawn mowers have to offer for the do-it-yourself gardeners out there.

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Greenworks MO13B00 Lawn Mower

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Greenworks MO14B00 Lawn Mower

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Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 50620S Lawn Mower

Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Reviews

Greenworks MO13B00 Lawn Mower


This versatile and easy-to-use electric lawnmower is a valuable addition to any household that needs to keep its lawn in check. Greenworks is also a reliable name with many years of experience in landscaping equipment that instills peace of mind for its users.


With the 21 inches cutting deck, you can easily and quickly cut even a large lawn in a much shorter time. This simply means you can get the job done in fewer passes with the wide-cutting deck to save you a lot of time.

The strong 13 amps motor installed on this lawnmower from Greenworks is strong enough to cut through even the longer grass. That is why there are up to seven cutting length settings included to cut to a very short trimming option.

The height selections include 1 1/2 inches to up to 3 3/4 inch heights for perfect cutting of all grass types. The large rear wheels make it easier to move the lawnmower around even on steep and rough terrain.

You also have three options of clipping discharging capabilities available to easily get rid of the grass clippings for a quick cleaning option. These options include a side discharge, rear bagging, and an easy mulching capability included with the lawnmower.

This lawnmower is made with a strong steel base to help it last longer and withstand the handling of harsh terrain. While the base is steel, this lawnmower is designed in such a way that it only weighs around 56 pounds for ease of use.

The only way to get it to have a lightweight design means that some of the parts were made from plastic to shed some weight. This may cause the parts to easily break if the lawnmower is not handled with care.

You also do not get an easily accessible automatic height settings option. It has to be done manually every time you need to.


  • Comes with a decent cutting width
  • Has a powerful brushless motor
  • Made with a durable design
  • It comes with an easily accessible electric starter


  • The electric cord might be in the way while working
  • No automatic height settings

CRAFTSMAN CMEMW213 Electric Lawn Mower


With this lawn mower, you have durability as one of the great features included to make it a good investment for your money. The lawn mower from Craftsman is also loaded with many more features to make your lawn cutting job much easier.


With the easy folding handle, you can fold the lawnmower up into a small and compact size when it is not in use. This means that you do not need a large space when it is time to store this lawn mower from Craftsman.

To improve the lawn mower’s cutting performance, the Craftsman manufacturers opted to add winged blades to make your job easier. This means this lawnmower will cut very easily through even the toughest grass you may throw at it, quickly and easily.

Your grass cutting job is made even easier with the strong 13 amp motor included with the lawn mower from Craftsman. It will help cut through even taller grass quickly and easily without too much effort from your side.

With a lightweight design of only 20.8 pounds, this lawnmower can easily be used by even the smaller people out there. This is ideal for those with a smaller lawn for getting the job done without even building up a sweat.

It also comes with a single lever height adjustment option, so you can easily set the cutting deck’s height. This means you can quickly and easily cut the grass to the preferred length without a problem, while the large rear wheels make it easier.

This lawnmower comes with a cutting width of only 20 inches, making it take a bit longer to cut a more extensive lawn. This also means that you will have to do more passes in order to get a size lawn cut to the desired length.

This lawn mower from Craftsman is made with an all-plastic design to make it lighter, but it may break easier. This makes it difficult to use where it will be subjected to harsh terrain.


  • Easily foldable handle for easy storage option
  • Winged blade for better cutting performance
  • The lawnmower is easy to assemble
  • Comes with a long warranty


  • Does not have a very wide cutting width
  • It comes with an all-plastic design

Greenworks MO14B00 Lawn Mower

This lawnmower is the ideal type of landscaping tool you will need for a townhouse where you have only a small lawn. It also comes with great features, making it easy to use by weaker and smaller people.


This lawn mower from Greenworks is a good option for those who are looking for a low-cost and low-maintenance home landscaping tool. It is also very easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can easily take it apart and store it in a small space.

It is also the ideal solution for small lawns and small strips of grass you need to keep in perfect condition all the time. For a quick cut, just get the lawnmower out, assemble it, and plug it in to get the small jobs done in no time.

This lawnmower can easily do most of the jobs a weed eater can do, so you only need one tool for all the jobs. To add to the versatility, mow the lawn and trim the sides with a quick and strong pass from the 9-watt motor.

With a lightweight and compact design, this lawnmower is the perfect tool for elderly and small-statured people. It is also safe to use around the house for younger users so they can learn to help with the chores at home.

This lawnmower also comes with a low price tag attached to it for those working with a tight budget. To top it off, the lawnmower comes with a 100-foot cord, making the small lawn cutting job so much easier.

Unfortunately, this lawnmower only comes with two discharging options at your disposal, so this may limit its usability a bit. The motor included with this lawnmower is only a 9-watt motor, so it is not really suitable for tall grass or a harsh environment.

You also do not have a lot of height adjustment options available with this lawnmower from Greenworks.


  • Very easy to assemble and use
  • Great for smaller types of lawns
  • Comes with a lightweight and compact design
  • A long warranty is included with the lawnmower


  • The motor is not very strong
  • It has only 2 discharge options available



This multi-purpose lawnmower provided by Black & Decker is an excellent addition to the homeowner’s landscaping tool selection for better versatility. It also comes with a low price point attached to it to make it affordable for most people and multi-purpose gardeners out there.


This is a nice design where you have the lawnmower as well as the edge trimmer all in one machine. This will save a lot of money where you do not need to have more than one machine for a complete landscaping option.

It is also designed not just to be functional but also to look great when it is just standing there and not in use. It requires only a little bit of effort to get the job done, making it a great tool for those with a smaller lawn.

With the quick-release option at your disposal, you can easily remove the weedeater part from the machine’s base. This allows you to quickly get the trimming and edging done on the go without wasting too much time on the job.

The handle and pole can be adjusted in more ways to improve the overall usability of this handy multi-purpose lawnmower. You can increase the length of the pole and you can adjust the handle to be more suitable for taller people.

With a cutting width of around 12 inches, you can easily mow a small lawn in only a few passes with this lawnmower. This leaves you with more time for the edging and trimming for a perfect lawn every time you used this lawnmower from Black & Decker.

However, this lawnmower comes with only two cutting lengths, making it a bit limited for different lawn cutting applications. This model's weed eater also runs very quickly through a spool of the replacement line, making it a bit expensive with high maintenance cost.

This multi-purpose lawn mower may be easy to use, but it may become a bit cumbersome to assemble it, wasting some time in the process.


  • This lawn mower comes with a multi-tool design
  • It is very easy to operate
  • Safe to use at home
  • The handle is easily adjustable


  • Comes with only 2 adjustable cutting lengths
  • It is a bit difficult to assemble

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 50620S Lawn Mower


With easy maneuverability at your disposal, this lawn mower from Scotts Outdoor Power Tools is the ideal landscaping tool for more extensive lawns. It also comes with many safety features, making it a reliable lawn mower to be used at home.


This lawn mower comes with a sturdy and strong design to make it more durable to handle rougher terrains. It is also durable enough to last for many years to come to provide you with quick and easy lawn mowing sessions.

It is equipped with an ergonomic V-shaped handle for ease of use. To add to the ergonomics, soft material is added to the handle to provide you with an easy non-slip grip while using it.

With the quick-release electric bar switch, it is much easier to work with just one hand to help control the electric cord. This is also a safety feature, so you can quickly release the switch if something goes wrong to protect you and the mower.

This lawn mower from Scotts Outdoor Power Tools comes with an easy single-lever height adjustment option for your convenience, for quick and easy selections. This means you do not need to waste time to lower the cutting base every time you need to go lower.

The large 9.5-inch rear wheels will quickly maneuver the lawnmower over uneven terrain or a steep hill. Equipped with a powerful 12-amp motor, the mowing of a more extensive lawn will become an easy job to finish quickly.

This lawn mower is a bit difficult to clean after use as it is hard to get rid of the debris accumulated on the base of the machine. This will waste a bit of your time and may take away some of the functionality of this lawnmower.

Another problem with this lawnmower is that there is a certain, tricky way to attach the wheels for a balanced machine.


  • Comes with a soft cushioned handle
  • A quick-release electric switch is included
  • It comes with large 9.5-inch rear wheels
  • Single lever height adjustment option


  • It is difficult to clean the lawn mower after use
  • Difficult to attach the wheels correctly


The best of them all, in our humble opinion, is the 21-inch corded lawnmower from Greenworks that comes with great safety features. It has a wide cutting width that will help get the mowing of even more extensive lawns done much quicker.

For those with a tight budget and a smaller lawn, the 3-in-1 lawnmower from Black & Decker comes with a low affordable price tag. It will also help to get all areas of the landscaping job done on the go and quickly.

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