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160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine: Your Definitive Guide to Help you Choose

Lawn mowers are part of a surprisingly large market of gardening tools and equipment. That means that you can expect plenty of variety when you set out to purchase a lawn mower.

However, with such great variety comes an array of different factors to consider. The differences between lawn mowers can range from minute, subtle things to large, glaring details that would be impossible to ignore.

Some of these differences can appear insignificant to the inexperienced, and it’s tough not to feel as though you’ve just been thrown into the deep end of gardening equipment.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we will be taking a look at 160cc vs 190cc lawn mower engines to see how they compare to one another. This will allow you to make the best decision for your garden’s needs.

What “CC” Means and How It Affects Your Lawn Mower

When you start assessing your options for any piece of gadgetry or equipment, you will eventually come across several abbreviations and units of measurement that will probably be foreign to you. When used properly, they sound very impressive and technical, as though the person using them knows what they are talking about.

In reality, a lot of these “technical terms” have very simple and straightforward explanations. Every unit of measurement can be used to express the intensity (or lack thereof) of a single concept – how loud or soft a speaker is, how much a container can carry, etc.

When it comes to gas-powered lawn mowers, one of the main units of measurement you have probably already come across is “cc”, and you’d be forgiven for not knowing what it stands for.

This term stands for “cubic centimeters” and is used to measure the swept volume (that is, the volume being displaced) of all the pistons in the cylinders contained inside the engine. It is an important measurement to consider, and you are right to wonder what it means since it determines both the horsepower and torque that an engine may deliver.

All of that sounds incredibly technical and complicated. In more general terms, the “cc” of an engine determines its power. A higher number of cc means more power but also greater fuel consumption, while lower cc is more fuel-efficient but not as powerful.

160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine – Which Is Better?

We will be upfront about this – you can get by with either of these engine types. Both have their fair share of pros and cons, and which one you ultimately end up with will depend on your own needs. One may excel in certain situations, while the other will probably excel in other areas.

Rather than conclude which of these two engine types is better than the other, we are going to examine a few key factors that may end up determining which one is right for you. Let’s take a look.


Arguably the first thing most people will wonder about is the potential power each type of engine can provide. When it comes to lawn mowers, the more cc your engine has, the more power it will be able to generate.

More power means the lawn mower’s blades will endure less damage and less pressure. That also means you will not have to sharpen your blades as often.

Overall, however, 30 extra ccs of power will not make that much of a difference. A 160cc engine will be able to do the same jobs a 190cc engine would be able to do without much of a drop in quality. The main reason you may opt for the latter is the speed at which you would be able to complete more difficult jobs, such as cutting through wet grass. Suffice it to say, this is very situational.


Torque is also important to consider since it determines engine displacement. This is something you will definitely want to be aware of up-front before purchasing your lawn mower.

Generally speaking, torque determines how much faster and easier you will be able to complete your lawn mowing assignments. Higher torque – such as that found in a 190cc engine – means you will have an overall smoother experience.

Fuel Consumption

More power is great, but it also means that the engine is going to be chugging a lot more fuel in order to function. The higher the cc value, the more fuel you will need to keep it running.

A 190cc engine will require more fuel to complete the same job a 160cc engine might accomplish. That means that your lawn mowing endeavors just became that much more expensive.

If you are not too keen on spending a little more money just to complete simple lawn mowing tasks, or you do not particularly enjoy having to frequently fill up your tank, a 160cc engine would be ideal.


Nobody wants to spend all day mowing their lawn. With a higher cc lawn mower, you will be able to get smaller lawn mowing jobs done in record time.

Of course, that also depends on the size of your lawn. With a smaller lawn, you probably do not need to fork over the extra cash for a higher cc lawn mower. However, if your yard is massive, it is definitely time to consider a 190cc lawn mower, which – thanks to its power and acceleration – will be able to complete the job far more swiftly than a 160cc mower.

Final Thoughts

With these factors in mind, your decision between a 160cc engine and a 190cc engine will be a lot easier to make. It all comes down to what your specific needs are and whether or not you are willing to put up with the extra maintenance and fuel costs of a higher cc engine.

Both engine types will be able to complete the same jobs, albeit at different paces. Just keep all of these factors in mind when you make your decision and you should be cutting your lawn to perfection in no time.

Want more general information about lawn mower size that will help you become better informed? Here is a handy resource we think you will find useful! 

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